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Sunday, January 30, 2011

new garden and yard plans

Moses hiding
Nate loves going to the HD, (imagine that), and while we were there we talked about what to plant in this years garden, and also what to replace with what in the front yard. The frost this year has killed back a LOT of plants that are now very brown in the front yard, but I refuse to replant until March. I have a feeling we're going to get another frost before March, so I don't want to risk killing what I've just planted. 

We're going to try carrots and radishes, among a couple other things, in the garden this year. Lettuce has done very well, so we'll do that, naturally, and our onions are still growing in the garden. They are doing quite well, I must say and I'm surprised. I guess I really shouldn't be since they are bulb plants and would do well since they are in the ground. 

Moses will miss his hiding place as we'll be putting the camper shell back on Nate's truck here soon. We need to get more compost first before we put it back on. Much easier to shovel and rake when the top is off. He looked so cute this morning I had to take a picture! 

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