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Friday, September 24, 2010

fall planting

the tomatoes we planted for summer have lived their lives, and now we are working on broccoli, lettuce, beans, and I think Nate planted cabbage. I'm not sure. It's my birthday tomorrow, and I have no great plans to do anything but what I want to do, but what I really want to do is get our fall planting finished. We have the fabric covers on 2 of our boxes, and the plants in there are doing quite well! We don't have to worry about them getting burnt or full of bugs. It's a great idea! At first, I thought Nate was being paranoid - as he can be sometimes - and since I am the frugal queen, and I don't want to spend anymore time outside in the florida summer than I need to, I thought he was crazy. Crazy like a fox they say! We need to get more compost from the landfill, before it's all gone and before they stop giving it out. (budget cuts, you know.) 

The harvest moon was last night and was it beautiful! It lit up the yard so brightly I could see the kittens running back and forth. They like to chase each other when the sun goes down. They also antagonize each other. Sister's do that. 

The herbs are still doing well. Lots of basil and rosemary and parsley. It's great to have in food. I'm very impressed and happy they are doing well. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

watermelon problems

rotten watermelon
I just want to know what the hell happened to our watermelon?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

hurricanes and breezes

scary hurricanes
I am not thrilled with hurricanes. Anyone who was here and lived through the 2004 hurricanes will agree with me that these things are no fun. This picture is pretty intimidating, but I am glad of the outlook. They are forecasted not to come anywhere close to us! Yippee! The good thing about these guys, is that they are bringing a lot of breeze and cooler weather our way. It was actually tolerable outside yesterday evening! I didn't sweat at all standing still! It was a beautiful thing! I was told this will be with us all week! yay!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

covering the garden boxes

The bugs have been so bad here that Nate bought this very thin fabric to cover the boxes. He's ingenious at putting things together, and he came up with an idea of using pvc pipe as an arch over the boxes, and using this fabric to protect the plants. So far, it has worked well on the one box that we have covered right now. It is just so damn hot and humid that it's not fun putting this together. Either at 6am or after 6pm is when it's best to be outside. I can't wait for November. 
what're you lookin' at?
We have some plants for the fall: broccoli, cabbage, and we're going to try some lettuce again, in these covered boxes. I am hoping for the best. The herbs have done very well uncovered in this weather, so we may leave those smaller boxes as is for now. 
sweat rag and water bottle are de riguer around here.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day

Take a break everyone! enjoy the day off! here is to all who labor, sweat, toil, and stress for a living. Congratulations on an extra day off. Do whatever you like today, enjoy the day. Because tomorrow will be here too soon. 
My beloved was working in the garden putting this cover over the plants. The bugs have been brutal this year, and the one container that already has this on it has been very successful. I told him to stop for today and take a break. It's too damn hot too. It's supposed to feel like 100 today. A great day to stay inside. (pay no attention to the butt crack.)